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Boom Beach: Lead Your Troupes towards The Beach

Well, we are definitely used to strategy mobile games where your main purpose is to conquer your neighbors and gather as many resources as possible, right? However, none of these games happen on the beach! Boom Beach brings a breath of fresh air as the entire action happens on a beautiful beach, somewhere in the ocean, with white sands and lots of palm trees. Not a regular place where you would expect people to fight over territory right?

Supercell (the game’s developer) decided it’s time to bring something new into the game so they offered us an MMO real-time strategy game which we will definitely enjoy. No more forests and mountains! Just sun and sunny beaches! The game is available for both Android and iOS and it is quite popular (over 50 million downloads and a score of 4.4 on Android).

boom beach

The gameplay

The action is situated in a tropical archipelago and you are situated on one of the islands. Here you will build your headquarters so you can produce the necessary resources for armies and guns. The main resources you’ll need are gold, stone, iron, wood, and in small quantities, diamonds (these can also be purchased with real money).  To mine and store these resources, you will need the necessary structures and they will come in handy when you are building your army.

Now, once your army is well-developed, it’s time to start thinking about expanding your dominance over the archipelago. Your second objective is to attack neighboring islands and destroy their armies. However, you should make sure that your defense is top notch since your headquarters will also be attacked by other armies.

Boob Beach is the type of strategy game that combines computer generated attacks with attacks generated by other players. This way, you’ll always be focused on improving both your army and your defense.  Of course, you can team up with other players and create an unbeatable force that will take over the archipelago in a wave of terror. However, your main enemy is the Black Guard, a game character who’s main purpose is to find your headquarters and destroy it.

Great features that make the game unique

  • Play with players from all over the world and make new friends every day
  • Explore an amazing tropical world and enjoy discovering new secrets and powers for your troops
  • Fight fearsome bosses and counter-attack their evil plans

As you can see, the game is extremely interesting and challenging. Even more, the amazing landscape won’t allow you to get bored.

Dream League Soccer Unlimited Coins

If you like football games (like FIFA for instance) and you want to learn more about the trade, Dream League Soccer is the perfect one for you. The game is available for iOS and Android, and can be downloaded and installed for free on both phones and tablets. It’s true that you will need a modern device, with a powerful graphic processor, but most of us already have them in your pockets so this shouldn’t be an impediment.

As we mentioned, you don’t have to buy the game, but there are in-app purchases available if you want to invest some real-life money. For instance, you can buy some Dream League Soccer unlimited coins that will allow you to buy better players and build your dream team a lot faster.

Tips & tricks to become the best faster

The game is quite challenging and requires a lot of your time so, knowing a few interesting tips & tricks might be of help. Also, considering the fact that this is a complex game, designed for small screens, the controls may be a bit difficult to handle at first.  So take a look below and learn how to become the best in no time.

Dream League Soccer Unlimited Coins

#1: Healing your players

Players can get injured during the game (just like in real-life), but with enough Dream League Soccer unlimited coins, you can heal them. To heal one of your players, go to Team Management and tap on the player’s card. When the battery icon shows up tap on it and the player’s health will increase to 100 percent. Of course, if the health bar is lower, you will spend more coins and if the health bar needs less help, you’ll spend less.

#2: Formations and tactics

Like a real team manager, you will have the possibility to choose the formation of your team. The most recommended formation is 4-2-2 but you should also experiment until you find the best formation for your team. The tactic can also be changed from Attack, to Defensive, to Moderate. Both formations and tactics can be changed during the game from the Team Formation menu.

#3: How to earn more coins

Dream League Soccer unlimited coins are very important for your advance in the game so you should know all the strategies to earning more without spending money. Here is what you can do to receive bonus coins:

  • Play home matches
  • Win any match
  • Upgrade your stadium and increase crowd capacity
  • A clean sheet will also bring you coins at the end of the game
  • Each goal scored by your players will bring you coins
  • Complete an achievement (you can find the list of achievements in the Game Center menu).

#4: Take advantage of the training mode

The training mode is designed to help you learn controls and feel the game to its right level so don’t ignore it. The best part is that you don’t just get to train in playing, you can also test your free kicks, penalty shoot-outs, and even penalty saves.

There are 6 available training modes and each allows you to train on a different movement in the game which is absolutely great, especially for a beginner.

FIFA 17 Mobile Hack for iOS, Android and Windows

We believe you are familiar with the FIFA games by now. After all, there are 24 installments of the game plus the FIFA 17 Mobile Hack version! Still, if you’re not familiar with the term, you should know that FIFA is a football simulator game with a long tradition in the world of video games. The FIFA series started in the 1990s and became an annual occurrence to celebrate our love for this amazing game.

Each year, the game comes with new players, strategies, fields (usually quite famous ones), and more. Also, there is a notable advancement in the software used from one version to another and, as we get closer to the present times, the game is available for a wider range of devices.

FIFA 17 is available for PC, gaming consoles (PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One), and Windows while the FIFA 17 Mobile Hack works on platforms like Windows, Android, and iOS. It is also the installment that doesn’t have Lionel Messi on the cover after he’s been the face of the franchise for 3 consecutive years. This year’s version promotes Marco Reus.

fifa 17 mobile hack ios android windows

FIFA 17 Mobile Hack – gameplay & features

That FIFA 17 Mobile Hack is a special version, created exclusively for mobile platforms. For instance, to make it more accessible for mobile devices, the game is under 100 MB for download which is quite impressive considering the amazing graphic details.

There are over 30 leagues, 17,000 real players, and 650 real teams which give the game authenticity and make it extremely loved by football fans. I mean who wouldn’t want a famous player in their team? Speaking of teams, you will be the manager of your team and the one establishing the game strategy. This means that you can apply your own ideas and you can learn from other players. After all, football is not just about moving a ball from one side of the field to another. It is a complex activity that requires both strength and mind.

In FIFA 17 Mobile Hack there is a new and improved Attack Mode where you get to live the pure competition. In Attack Mode, your team will be the one leading the attack and this can bring you eternal glory in the game.  Still, the innovation doesn’t stop here! The FIFA 17 Mobile version is more social than ever as the Leagues section allows you to join forces with friends and meet new players from all over the world. Even more, you can participate in inter-league championships or League vs. League tournaments where the best players in the world will be on the other team. So, if you want to put your name on the map, this is the way to do it.

And finally, FIFA 17 Mobile is designed with a Live Events section where you can win prizes, players, and items that otherwise would be expensive. The Live Events section is open 365 days a year and you get to read stories about legendary matches and players. This is pretty cool if you ask us.

So, don’t hesitate to download and test the new FIFA installment, now specially designed for mobile platforms!

Tips & Tricks for Shadow Fight 2 unlimited coins and gems

Do you like games where your strategy abilities are challenged with every step? If yes, Shadow Fight 2 will be right down your alley! The beauty of this game (for mobile platforms) is that it impresses even before you click the Install button. The back story and users reviews are quite impressive for a 2D RPG fighting game.

Now, if you’re a beginner player, you will need to come with a certain strategy to move up the latter. Your path towards the Gate of Shadows is sprinkled with monsters, bosses, and all sorts of well-designed enemies. Even more, you will have to learn how to manage your Shadow Fight 2 unlimited coins and gems if you want to avoid spending too much real money in this game. So, let’s take a look at some tips & tricks to follow to make you a great warrior.

shadow fight 2 unlimited coins and gems

Shadow Fight Strategy to beat the game

#1: How to win a battle

As a beginner, you won’t have that many weapons and fighting skills so you’ll have to rely heavily on kicks and punches. It is recommended to start the fight by confusing your opponent. You can do this by either blocking his attack or by faking retreat. Once they miss their hit, swoop in and land your First Strike. It is important to land the first damage inducing hit since this can set the tone of the entire round.

As you advance in the game, you’ll develop your fighting strategy according to the type of weapons you’re using. Also, in the later levels, you’ll get to play with magic abilities.

#2: Kicks vs. Punches

While it may seem like we’re talking about the same thing, there is a notable difference between the two techniques. Kicks are great when you’re trying the break your opponent’s attack and punches are the ones that actually inflict damage. You should try to lands as many head strikes as possible.

#3: Shadow Fight 2 unlimited Coins and Gems

Shadow Fight 2 is a freemium version of the game that will force you to spend some real money at a certain point (if you want to move further). However, it won’t cost you too much if you know how to administer your revenue.

You can earn Shadow Fight 2 unlimited coins and gems in the game by either completing tournaments (for coins) or watching videos and taking surveys (for gems). Still, keep in mind that there will come a time when you’ll have to bite the bullet and spend some real money.

#4: Practice, Practice, Practice

Shadow Fight 2 is a game of skill and deception and that’s why you must make sure you are above your opponents. Use your dojo to practice tricks and moves that will help you to escape from a corner (by jumping) or surprise your opponent by getting behind them with a rolling move. All these will help you get more agile and more ready for the big fight.

Minecraft Pocket Edition: Take your favorite game everywhere

If you are a Minecraft fan, then the Minecraft Pocket Edition will be a great choice for you! So what is this Pocket edition after all? Well, it’s nothing more than the mobile version of Minecraft which allows you to play your favorite game wherever you want, whenever you want. Cool, right?

The developed (Mojang) wanted Android and iOS users to have Minecraft at their fingertips, but Minecraft Pocket Edition was first launched for Xperia Play, in 2011. Nowadays, you can also play it on Amazon Fire TV and Windows 10 Phone.

Keep in mind that this is a freemium version so you can actually purchase various items to speed things up. However, if you have kids that are passionate about this game, it is recommended to use password protection when it comes to purchases.

minecraft pocket edition

The gameplay

As you can imagine, Minecraft Pocket Edition has the same objective as the original game: building virtual realities. The interaction with the game happens via touchscreen in both the Android and iOS versions. You should also expect some touchscreen adaptations like disposing of items by long tapping on their icon in the hotbar.

The best part is that, once you created a realm, you can invite friends to help you out. While this is an option in the PC version too, now you are always online. Your friend (let’s call him Steve) will be able to build cool new items while commuting back from work or while enjoying a walk in the park. Have you ever got a cool idea on how to build something but forgot it by the time you got to your PC? With Minecraft Pocket Edition you can create when inspiration strikes! No more downtime and no more building in your head!

Is it the same?

Some users may highlight the fact that there are differences between the PC version and the Pocket Edition. While this is true, many of these changes happened because of the difference in lighting and representation when it comes to screens. Mobile devices are advanced, but they are still quite small and require different techniques to make items visible. However, the game experience hasn’t changed! You still get to build and participate in building amazing virtual worlds.

In our opinion, Minecraft Pocket Edition is a great way to take the game with you. It’s great for those moments when you’re stuck in one place for hours, with nothing to do.

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