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Some believe that a girl who plays video games is the ultimate dream! I mean she has to be sexy and play games in an extremely sensual manner, right? Well, sorry to shatter your dreams, but (as a girl gamer) I have to present the reality as is: we are normal people who absolutely love the virtual world.

My passion started as a child, when I would rather play Minecraft than pay any attention to my Barbies. Minecraft is still one of my favorite virtual worlds, but I slowly discovered other games that fascinated me. Right now, I love exploring the challenging world of The Witcher and I’m trying my skills in Overwatch. But I am not only into big names! First of all, I have a very long commute from work to home and this turned my attention towards mobile gaming. Surprisingly, I found a wide range of games that a few years back were only available for PC.

My big love on a mobile phone is Clash of Clans, but I also enjoy puzzle games. They are a fun and interesting way of killing time when there’s nothing else to do and I believe you would agree with me.

Through my writing I hope I’ll manage to share my passion and love for gaming with other fans so I am more than happy to hear from you!

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