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Minecraft Pocket Edition: Take your favorite game everywhere

If you are a Minecraft fan, then the Minecraft Pocket Edition will be a great choice for you! So what is this Pocket edition after all? Well, it’s nothing more than the mobile version of Minecraft which allows you to play your favorite game wherever you want, whenever you want. Cool, right?

The developed (Mojang) wanted Android and iOS users to have Minecraft at their fingertips, but Minecraft Pocket Edition was first launched for Xperia Play, in 2011. Nowadays, you can also play it on Amazon Fire TV and Windows 10 Phone.

Keep in mind that this is a freemium version so you can actually purchase various items to speed things up. However, if you have kids that are passionate about this game, it is recommended to use password protection when it comes to purchases.

minecraft pocket edition

The gameplay

As you can imagine, Minecraft Pocket Edition has the same objective as the original game: building virtual realities. The interaction with the game happens via touchscreen in both the Android and iOS versions. You should also expect some touchscreen adaptations like disposing of items by long tapping on their icon in the hotbar.

The best part is that, once you created a realm, you can invite friends to help you out. While this is an option in the PC version too, now you are always online. Your friend (let’s call him Steve) will be able to build cool new items while commuting back from work or while enjoying a walk in the park. Have you ever got a cool idea on how to build something but forgot it by the time you got to your PC? With Minecraft Pocket Edition you can create when inspiration strikes! No more downtime and no more building in your head!

Is it the same?

Some users may highlight the fact that there are differences between the PC version and the Pocket Edition. While this is true, many of these changes happened because of the difference in lighting and representation when it comes to screens. Mobile devices are advanced, but they are still quite small and require different techniques to make items visible. However, the game experience hasn’t changed! You still get to build and participate in building amazing virtual worlds.

In our opinion, Minecraft Pocket Edition is a great way to take the game with you. It’s great for those moments when you’re stuck in one place for hours, with nothing to do.

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